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What Model Citizens - Too Late from Nerd Rage Film on Vimeo.

Coming For Me by What Model Citizens from Nerd Rage Film on Vimeo.


Having had the opportunity to see him play live, I can only say that he's got the stuff. Unyielding energy and rocking tunes, complete with catchy beats and choruses. Ohn E Amas captures the weekend stamina and spits it out in musical form, making your hips succumb to shaking and sends your body into convulsions.

- Leah Lovecat, Dingus      Read more reviews here

About Us

What Model Citizens, the project of songwriter Alex Musto, was created towards the end of 2009 as a means of exploring noise and feedback-heavy music grounded by a foundation in synth-rock. The band's music is perhaps best described as a fusion of the noisy jagged guitar of The Gang Of Four with electroclash melodies of The Faint.

The year 2010 saw the release of What Model Citizens debut, semi self-titled, album OH What Model Citizens We Be, followed shortly by 2011's You've Been Set Up. Both albums defined Musto's sound as grinding juxtapositions of tender synthesizer tones and heavily distorted guitar that beg ears to dissect the layers of sound while daring hips not to shake to the beat. Gritty and driving, OH What Model Citizens We Be and You've Been Set Up introduced Musto's reverb-laden guitar heavy electronic sound with a driving tenacity.

Described as a mad-man with a music box wielding and electric anarchist sound, Ohn E Amas captures Musto's energetic fury in What Model Citizens' third album. Sharp synth punctuations, frenzied beats, and an overbearing sense of paranoia permeate throughout What Model Citizens' exciting new record. Wild and exhilarating, Ohn E Amas distills Musto's unique electronic sound to a danceable storm and firmly places What Model Citizens in New York's post-punk electroclash traditions.